THE TEAM At Recreations we reflect our love of modernist art architecture and global hair design

Steve: Owner/Stylist/Colorist

Lenore: Stylist/Colorist/Texture

Helen: Stylist/Colorist/Texture

Belkis: Stylist/Colorist/Texture/Nails

Margaret: Stylist/Colorist/Texture

Stacey: Stylist/Colorist

Andrian: Stylist/Colorist

Milana: Stylist/Colorist

Jennifer: Nail Tech/Waxing

Melissa: Nail Tech/Waxing

Judy: Nail Tech/Waxing

Fabiola: Stylist/ Assistant

Allison: Assistant

Korina: Assistant

Stephanie: Salon Coordinator/Reception

Kathleen: Salon Coordinator/Reception

Alyssa: Salon Coordinator/Reception


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