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Introducing SOCOLORCULT.  Newest vibrant hair color range featuring an extensive palette of playful shades. Choose the way you wear your vibrant hair color! Vibrant haircolor available in an extensive palette of shades. 


Natural-looking effect: Balayage creates soft, sun-kissed highlights that look like you spent the summer frolicking on the beach. Low-maintenance: Balayage highlights grow out naturally, without developing a noticeable and obvious re-growth.
Ultra-customized: Balayage allows ReCreations Salon colorist to utilize  creativity and artistic talent to personalize the placement of each highlight for a personalized result. Says Steve Stoupas from ReCreations Salon in North Brunswick NJ. The secret to ReCreations technique is the way they blend the colors using a makeup blending brush to sweep up words the color, the results are amazing. No hursh lines of unblended color, no color marks in between sections. Just the true hues of color transitioning from dark to light and lighter. We ask 3 of ReCreations Salon top Balayage gurus about there technique Steve Stoupas, Emily Nieto and Stacey Bardar and here’s there answer “ we start with a blank canvas (the hair) and we create a masterpiece in every one of our clients no 2 clients will have the same exact results. It is customize to the individuals hair color, hair length, lifestyle and desired results.
ReCreations Salon also use ammonia free coloring products and a non toxic hair color amazing the feel on your scalp no fumes but healthy shining hair from the scalp to the ends.
That’s what makes ReCreations Salon Central Jerseys “ The Hair Color Salon “

- Balayage Highlights

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