Organic curl Systems is a revolutionary

Organic curl Systems is a revolutionary multifunctional perming, straightening, and relaxing product which is completely free from ammonia and thioglycolates. Instead, it contains Cysteamin HCL, which is a far gentler ingredient. The neutralizer system contains plant amino acids, which soothes and conditions the scalp. The hair is left with a natural feel and shine.

Recreations Salon: ROOT LIFT
Root Lift is a technique in permanent wave wrapping that is meant to allow for maximum volume in the hair. This technique is performed using large rollers, you can get the added body and texture you desire (as well as the lift) without having more curl than you want. Using the Organic perm system with no ammonia.

ReCreations Salon: PERMING
The perm is back! The key trend is soft curls, full of volume and movement. Curls should look natural and in excellent condition.
ReCreations stylists and Organic Curl Systems delivers the most natural, trendy looking professional perms available.

ReCreations Salon: STRAIGHTENING
Hair straightening and smoothing using chemical or keratin based systems is a hot trend that has proven to be controversial. ReCreations Salon and Organic Curl Systems offers a completely safe approach to beautiful permanently straightened hair that your will love Us you for!

ReCreations Salon: WEAVE WIND
Weave Wind entails perming some sections of hair and leaving the rest straight. It is a fusion of texture, natural body and healthy bounce. The Weave Wind is mainly done on areas around the face, like the fringe. Questions call us 732.846.4700 ask for Steve or email us

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