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At ReCreations Salon, we provide eyelash extension Service.
The process is done fluently and comfortably by our highest level technicians.
We will add the highest quality Babe eyelashes on to
your natural eye lashes one by one without irritating your skin or eye.

- Babe Eyelash Extensions

Get clipped to get them snipped. SAVE THIS DATE: Sunday, December 2, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm,

Cut-a-Thon Fundraiser to benefit NBHA at ReCreations Salon. All proceeds to benefit NBHA.

- Cut-a-Thon Fundraiser to benefit NBHA




- Calligraphy Cut

The Calligraphy Cut is revolutionising the way we cut hair! We use a pen-like razor tool rather than scissors for this cut, which allows us to slice hair in a way that adds more volume and texture.
The layers we create using the Calligraphy technique are seamless, so you avoid any harsh lines while still giving your hair a more weightless feel. It also makes daily styling much easier,
as your stylist can slice the hair in the direction that it should fall.

- Now Available ” The Calligraphy Cut “

Introducing SOCOLORCULT.  Newest vibrant hair color range featuring an extensive palette of playful shades. Choose the way you wear your vibrant hair color! Vibrant haircolor available in an extensive palette of shades. 


 ReCreations salon home hair care product information details.ColorProof Color Care Authority is a complete line of professional luxury products designed exclusively for color-treated hair.
These next generation formulas combine the latest innovations in ingredient technology with best-in-class ingredients to create a new standard in color care. A little goes a long way! Says Steve Stoupas owner and Stylist at ReCreations. This lines proprietary formulas are developed to be two times more concentrated so you can use less while achieving superior product performance.
To maximize your purchase, we recommend starting with a just a dime-size amount for the ultimate shampoo experience. Each 8.5 oz. shampoo delivers up to 68 applications per bottle! So 1 bottle of ColorProof  equals  2 of all products in the same category. 
It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Here at ReCreations we are obsessed with excellence. We use only the finest. 

Breakthrough ingredients that together provide powerful full spectrum UVA/UVB color protection.

Not all sulfate-free shampoos are created equal. ColorProof shampoos rise above utilizing an exclusive blend of the newest,
super premium surfactants to deliver the most gentle cleansing possible with an explosively billowy lather that rinses clean and provides 96% color retention.*

ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS,NEW FLEXSHIELD TECHNOLOGY, PROTEIN POWER COMPLEX, CERTIFIED ORGANIC BOTANICALS. What’s Not in this Products ? As a hair stylist/ salon owner I care about me, my stylist and all our clients health. This is why I love this line. 

All Products are: Sulfate-free, Salt-free, Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, PABA-free, Carcinogen-free, MEA & DEA-free, Biodegradable formulas, Recyclable packaging wherever possible, 100% vegan, Never tested on animals, Keratin-free.

Any questions fell free to call the salon or email. 

Steve Stoupas.





- Next Generation Color Care

Natural-looking effect: Balayage creates soft, sun-kissed highlights that look like you spent the summer frolicking on the beach. Low-maintenance: Balayage highlights grow out naturally, without developing a noticeable and obvious re-growth.
Ultra-customized: Balayage allows ReCreations Salon colorist to utilize  creativity and artistic talent to personalize the placement of each highlight for a personalized result. Says Steve Stoupas from ReCreations Salon in North Brunswick NJ. The secret to ReCreations technique is the way they blend the colors using a makeup blending brush to sweep up words the color, the results are amazing. No hursh lines of unblended color, no color marks in between sections. Just the true hues of color transitioning from dark to light and lighter. We ask 3 of ReCreations Salon top Balayage gurus about there technique Steve Stoupas, Vivi Dafnos and Stephanie Smalley and here’s there answer “ we start with a blank canvas (the hair) and we create a masterpiece in every one of our clients no 2 clients will have the same exact results. It is customize to the individuals hair color, hair length, lifestyle and desired results.
ReCreations Salon also use ammonia free coloring products and a non toxic hair color amazing the feel on your scalp no fumes but healthy shining hair from the scalp to the ends.
That’s what makes ReCreations Salon Central Jerseys “ The Hair Color Salon “

- Balayage Highlights

9 Effective Tips To Have The Hairstyle You Want

Having a bad hairstyle can ruin your day. Most people suffer silently after an unpleasing haircut while vowing never to go back to that particular salon. The bad haircut experience might haunt you for the rest of your life, but there are ways to prevent such mishap from ever happening again. Here are nine working tips to help you have the haircut that you truly desire and is worth every dime you spent.

1. Share photos of your dream hairstyle
Clearly, you have a dream look that you would love to have. Sharing with your hairstylist is the first step to avoid a bad haircut. The photos will help your stylist know how you want to look like after getting the cut. It can also be a good idea to have your hairstylist suggest some changes that may be useful in achieving your desired look.

2. Let the hairstylist see and touch your hair first
Do not let the stylist cut your hair without touching and checking your locks. It is vital for the hairstylist to see the present look of your hair, growth patterns, and the styling. The stylist will try to understand the type of hair you have and choose the best hairstyle for you.

3. Share your last haircut problems
If you previously had a bad haircut, there is no doubt that you want to have a better one this time. Tell your hairdresser the reasons you disliked your last hairstyle and the problems you encountered. This is one of the best ways to prevent another bad haircut experience. Avoid giving solutions to the stylist as this might make it hard to know what you dislike.

4. Know the style that works for you
It is good to know yourself before walking into a hair salon. This is to avoid lousy hairstyle changes and cuts that will definitely ruin your day. Finding the style that works for you may depend on the facial outline. You should understand this earlier enough to make it effortless when picking the right haircut. If you want to have a new style, request your hairdresser to assist you in choosing the style that fits your facial structure.

5. Use the correct language
Communication is essential in every situation. Your choice of words may cause an unpleasing haircut that you will regret later on. Use the words short and shorter carefully. Explain in clear details how short the length of hair you want to be taken away. Aside from that, ask your hairdresser to let you see the quantity of hair that will be cut off.

6. Ignore what others say
Your friends don’t always say the right things. Avoid acting on every criticism about your new hairstyle. If you take much consideration, they are likely to mislead you into having a bad experience with your haircut. Do not let them dictate your looks.

7. Choose a reliable hairstylist
While all stylists have their own set of skills, not all of them are reliable. Apparently, there are instances when some hairstylists choose to do what they want, and that should not be the case. As much as possible, choose a hairdresser who knows what he/she is doing and who is confident enough to get the hairstyle you want. Find a hairdresser who can do the haircut the way you want and like it to be done. Ask a friend to give recommendations.

8. Watch as your hair is being cut
Perhaps, you had a bad haircut last time because you did not pay attention during the cut. Ensure you observe as your hair is being cut. This is not the time for you to call or text friends. Give your hairdresser an easy time. Look in the mirror to see how the stylist cuts the hair and don’t hesitate to ask questions whenever necessary.

9. Avoid changing hairdressers unnecessarily
Apart from finding a trusted hairstylist, it is crucial that you have one do it for you whenever you want. Your present hairstylist has become familiar with the shape of your head and can quickly tell the best hairstyle. It is possible to have a bad haircut if you keep changing stylists.

Having a good haircut is not just about going with the most popular style, but it should also be about your looks. Interferences during the cutting may cause you to have an undesired cut. It is always ideal to listen to your hairdresser’s view and not dictate him. Be honest in your opinion about the cut.

Thanks to our contributor Matilda Ollie from


- Preventing Bad Haircut Days

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